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In the meantime, here are some recent episodes. They’re ordered newest to oldest.

Podcasting with a Purpose with Angie Griffith

My guest today is Angie Griffith, host of the always enlightening and entertaining 4 Things For Your Podcast. Angie is a music industry veteran who has turned her attention towards helping podcasters build their brand and business. We talked about starting a podcast, finding guests, monetization, growing your podcast, Smartless, following your intuition, and so much more. I had a fantastic time speaking with Angie and I know you will have a great time with this episode too.

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Where Philosophy and Podcasting Meet with Mark Linsenmayer

My guest today is Mark Linsenmayer, host of the wildly successful The Partially Examined Life podcast, the very fun Pretty Much Pop podcast, as well as a few others. Mark is a professional podcaster, and he shared a ton of great information about how he’s able to run four podcasts at the same time. We talk about a number of podcast related topics, including crowd sourcing editing work. I had a great time speaking with Mark, and I know you’ll love this episode.

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Making Incredible Audio Dramas with Mike Darling

My guest today is Mike “MakeShift” Darling, host of the podcast Legends of Wasteland City. Mike is a filmmaker living in Nashville, TN, and when I recently met Mike at a podcast meetup I knew he was someone I needed to talk to. He shares some incredible knowledge on voice acting and recording voice actors, script writing and production of an audio drama, some interesting microphone perspectives, and so much more. Don’t miss this one!

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Podcasting Emergencies with Brandon Hall

My guest today is Brandon Hall, a 911 dispatcher for over 20 years who is bringing his vast 911 experience to podcasting through his podcast, Music City 911. On this episode we talk about how Brandon found his career, how he’s using his inside knowledge of the system to make a great podcast, how he’s starting to monetize his podcast, what gear he’s using, and so much more. Brandon has a ton of knowledge around podcasting and I know you’ll get a lot out of this one.

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Podcasting Lessons from a Hall of Famer with Dave Jackson

My guest today is Dave Jackson. Dave is an award winning, podcast hall of fame inductee who has started over 30 different podcasts since 2005, including his main show, School of Podcasting. Dave is one of those people who really know podcasting. Not just their podcast subject, but podcasting as an art. We talk about what podcasting used to be like, marketing podcasts, building podcasts, and everything in between. This was a truly great conversation.

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Telling Stories that go Beyond Belief with Scott Johnson

My guest today is Scott Johnson, host of the podcast What Was That Like. Scott has been podcasting for over 10 years, and has grown What Was That Like into a massive success, regularly seeing over 50,000 downloads on every new episode. He is a well of podcasting knowledge, and in this episode we cover everything from helping a guest feel comfortable telling a vulnerable story, to monetization and ad strategies. This was a great conversation.

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I know you already have a podcast, but...

I wonder if you’d still be interested in checking out my Podcast Quick Start Checklist. It’s aimed at new podcast creators, but there may be something interesting in here for you as well.