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Episode 27


January 25, 2023

Podcasting with a Purpose with Angie Griffith

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My guest today is Angie Griffith, host of the always enlightening and entertaining 4 Things For Your Podcast. Angie is a music industry veteran who has turned her attention towards helping podcasters build their brand and business. We talked about starting a podcast, finding guests, monetization, growing your podcast, Smartless, following your intuition, and so much more. I had a fantastic time speaking with Angie and I know you will have a great time with this episode too.

Think about this

"If you're just getting into podcasting, there's still so much opportunity because there are so many people that haven't even discovered the app, and your show might be the first that they discover. And what an opportunity that is."
Angie Griffith
4 Things For Your Podcast


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